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Sales Contract

Foxfire Kennels American Staffordshire Terriers

Dog’s Registration #:______________________
Sex: Male__ Female__
Date of Birth:_______________
Sale Price:_________
This dog sold as: Pet Quality __ Show/Breeding Prospect __



The reference, in this document, of dog shall be the one referred to above, the breeder/seller shall be FoxFire Kennels, the buyer shall be referred to as the owner. All actions, behavior, liability, and expenses of the dog are the responsibility of the party who has physical custody of the dog at the time. The deposit of $300 to reserve a pick from any said litter is NON-REFUNDABLE, but can be transferred to another litter.

Buyer shall indemnify and hold harmless seller from any and all loss, damage, and/or expenses including veterinary bills, court costs and attorney’s fees, arising from the negligence or willful misconduct of the buyer or anyone having physical custody of the dog; or the actions or behavior of the dog, or the failure of the buyer to abide by the terms or conditions of this sales contract. This indemnification shall survive the death of the dog or other termination of this contract.

The breeder will not be responsible for any veterinarian bills or other bills the owner may incur after the purchase of the dog. All dogs carry a guarantee against “genetic” health defects; this guarantee includes any inherited disorders that would shorten the normal life span of said dog. The dog owner will receive a replacement dog from the next available litter of equal value or quality, it will be the breeders choice if the original dog is in a replacement situation and shall be neutered/spayed and left with the owner or returned to the breeder at owners expense only on dogs sold as show/breeding prospects. No guarantees or replacements will be given on dogs sold as pet quality.

The dog will be registered with the kennel name prefix of “FoxFire’s” on the official registration certificate. If the dog is sexually intact, to maintain sellers reputation and bloodline, buyer agrees to breed only for the betterment of the breed, and attain the said dogs clearance of ataxia with Optigen/Antagene and also clearance of hip dysplasia and cardiac defects with OFA. Dog must be, at the very least, 24 months of age before being bred. If dog is bred even accidentally before 24 months of age, all guarantees and replacements are null and void.
If for any reason buyer cannot keep the said dog, the breeder will be contacted first, before selling, disposing of, trading or giving this animal away. Breeder reserves first right of refusal of new owner. Dog will be returned to breeder if it was sold as Show/Breeding Quality intact. New perspective owner must sign a new contract with breeder before obtaining dog. It will be the responsibility of the buyer, under contract, to notify breeder before dog is sold, disposed of, traded or given away. Buyer agrees to update the breeder/seller on the dog’s well-being and will provide clear photographs.

Buyer agrees and understands that if any portion of this contract is breached, buyer will owe seller $1000 in liquidated damages. First time owners of the breed must attend puppy obedience classes.

If at any time abuse or neglect is suspected or evident, breeder or agent of breeder will reposes dog without any compensation to the buyer and owner may be charged with animal cruelty.

I/We agree not to use this animal for any inhumane or illegal purposes. I/We agree to this contract and agree to abide to it by my/our signature below.

Buyer________________________________________________________ Date:____________

Seller________________________________________________________ Date:____________

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