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A.K.C. Exclusive American Staffordshire Terriers

About Us

Here at FoxFire Kennels we are striving for correct structure and temperament but we firmly believe in the all around dog. One that can not only be your family companion, but can also compete successfully in obedience, conformation, agility and anywhere else. We feel that the AmStaff should be more than just a show dog, but also a working dog. There are far too many other breeds out there that have become nothing but show dogs, for example: Labrador Retrievers that don't have the instinct to retrieve or Border Collies that don't have the instinct to herd. We feel that this is a total waste of the dog as a breed in whole. AmStaffs can do anything that you ask of them as they are so willing to please their owners and are highly intelligent. There is a great deal of fun in competing with your dog in agility or obedience and it shows just how universal and intelligent AmStaffs really are. We were very careful in the selection of our current dogs and feel that we have some of the best bloodlines around.

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